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Artiste Sonia Indelicato Roseval

McBride Contemporain is delighted to announce the gallery’s next exhibition Salon des refusés. Art historian Albert Boime said of the 19th century Parisian Salon de refusés, ”the Salon des refusés introduced the democratic concept of a multi-style system... subject to the review of the general jury of the public.” The Paris Salon des refusés proved to be a foundational moment in the history of early modern art. In reference to this, we believe that the "unofficial" show, parallel to more officially sanctified ones, can potentially be more interesting. We believe this is an appealing, liberating idea, a possibility we wish to offer in the spirit of exploration and openness.  What the Salon des refusés came to represent was the always renewing idea that official styles and sanctioned art movements are not necessarily as vital as much that is done under the radar, outside the mainstream. What McBride Contemporain proposes to do with this exhibition, is to offer a context in which a group of committed artists can exhibit one strong piece each, together, and invite the visual arts public to come discover some fresh voices in small, two-dimensional format, shown alongside other artists who already have been well introduced. What we intend by this project is to recognize that excellent, complex and uplifting art is being made that doesn’t always get the chance to have a public viewing. We believe in the importance of jumpstarting renewal and bringing new things to light, in order to reestablish the innate equality of all artists' creation. This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Oxley.

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